Friday, 16 October 2009


I have been getting a lot of problems with the Department for Works and Pensions in regards to claiming Employment and Support allowance. I originally claimed for this in December 2008 and had to attend a medical at the DWP in April 2009 three days before my Brain Surgery and the day i came out of hospital i received a letter that told me i could no longer claim due to me failing the Medical assessment that was carried out by the DWP.When i attended the medical i asked the Doctor if she knew anything of these disorders to which she replied " No ".I looked at the Medical report and the assessment and found that they both contradicted each other.I decided to put in a appeal.I immediately got on to my MP who came to see me at home who was appalled by the way i had been treated and sent the DWP a letter along with one to the Benefits people.Within one week i received a letter telling me that they had looked into it with my supporting evidence and decided to change their decision.Money was back dated and i felt a great weight had been lifted. I received a letter in August 2009 asking me to attend another Medical Assessment at the DWP to which i attended.Again the Doctor had not heard of the Disorders and so i gave her some information regarding these.She asked me to do some exercises such as Squatting, Bending over to touch my toes and neck exercises to which my reply was " no i cannot do these as the pressure in my head causes me great pain and discomfort" Please also bare in mind i attended with a walking stick which i have had to use since surgery to aid my balance.I received the results back which again stated i was no longer eligible for ESA as i had not scored enough points.In the report it said i could do all the exercises i had been asked to do, I could read with no problems without the aid of glasses. I attended with my glasses as i now have to wear them all the time since surgery as this has affected my eyesight.It also said i could walk without the aid of a walking stick.I contacted my MP yet again and he sent them with my appeal to the DWP and Jobcentre Plus. I am still awaiting the results as it is now at a tribunal.

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