Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The journey Continues

Hi everyone, Just a quick post to let you know how things are progressing.
I had my appointment with a Neurologist at the QE earlier this month (May) and i explained that i was getting problems with my speech slurring, losing my sight in my left eye, the usual pains , headaches,fatigue and drop attacks, balance and dizziness.
He told me that it looked like i had brain damage either through surgery ( what !!!) or through a fall i had at work back in 2001 which i went to see him about when it happened ( i cant remember seeing him , in fact i cant remember seeing anyone let alone the accident ?). Anyway, he is sending me for a EEG to see if i ma experiencing Epileptic seizures . He will be writing to my Neurosurgeon with regards to my visit to him. I guess i will know more when i get to see my Neurosurgeon in June.

Friday just gone, i was pottering around in the garden,when i felt a pop in my head, i passed out with the pain it caused and when i came round, my left eye and mouth had drooped and my tongue on the left side had gone numb. I thought it may be one of my ridiculous headaches again, so i went for a lie down. All feeling came back later that afternoon and my headache had stopped with the help of copious amounts of pain killers. I went to see my GP on Monday (yesterday) and mentioned what had happened to him. He wasn't happy with the fact i left it to see him and said i should have gone to A & E as i may have had a bleed somewhere. He advised me to go and see a optician asap as he is concerned about my sight in the left eye deteriorating. ( today i have tried to get a appointment with about seven opticians, they all say the same, " sorry, we have no appointments for today) I have give up now as i really cannot be bothered anymore.). Its just a constant battle to be seen let alone be heard by anyone. I will leave it now until i see my Neurosurgeon or get another one of those attacks.

I will go to my appointment next month, knowing exactly what the outcome will be. ( "You have had the surgery, you are now cured, don't worry about that CSF leak you have , it wont cause a problem, its normal").Anyway rant over. I will post the outcome for you all to see next month.

Take care all, until next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darren, Just thinking of you and wondering how the appointment in June went? Is everything getting better? I am having issues since my surgery in March and had to have a second surgery to repair a pseumenigocele and now have it back again. I am going for a second opinion tomorrow. I hope you are doing better. dizzy

Anonymous said...

reHi, I attended my appointment with the NS and as expected he told me that the Pseudomenigocele was normal and not to worry about it. He told me that i obviously had some sort of Neurological damage and had to learn to live with it. I have more on this story to follow.

Tania Wall said...

I was wondering about your outcome at the QE. I am suffering the same symptoms. I have had a LP shunt, VP shunt, Sub templar decompression and formen magnum decompression. Still my pain is unreal, with numbness, disorientation etc.

Dani R said...

Hi Darren. I have just got back from the QE today. i am 7 yrs post op and i too have a psuedomenicele. I last had a MRI 3 years ago which showed the peuedomeningocele had slightly enlarged. Am having another MRI in a few weeks and my surgeon says it should have decreased. I am of the thinking that a slight psuedomeningocele is ok straight after op and that the body will reabsorb the csf and it should correct itself. However this clearly has not happened with you or I and must have a significant bearing on the pain and symptoms we are feeling. Just does not make sense to say leave it and you just have to find a way to live with it- yeah great lets live a life of constant pain!