Monday, 9 May 2011

Heart Problems

Has anybody had heart problems ?

Just after Christmas 2010, i had to lie on my lounge floor after i got crushing pains in my chest, heavy sweating, pains in my left arm and up into my neck. It seemed to pass after about 10 minuets. My wife returned home from work later that day and said that i didn't look very well, i told her what had happened and she called the NHS direct who then called for a ambulance. They took me to my local Hospital and after a blood test and ECG told me all was fine but suggested i could have Angina so they gave me a spray to use under my tongue.

A `couple of weeks went by and i was asked to attend the hospital to see a cardiologist who sent me for a stress test. The results were fine, or so i thought.

Again, a few weeks went by and i received a letter saying that they had looked at my results again and it showed i was getting insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle, i would be called for further tests to be made.

Last month i was called in to have a angiogram done, the results showed that i had no blocked arteries ( what a relief ).

I have now had a letter asking me to attend the hospital for another scan as they are still not happy.

I wait in anticipation.

Has anybody else had these problems following Chiari ( can it all be connected ) who knows.

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Hannah S said...

Hi Darren I literally can't believe what I am reading! I have had a really complicated mess with cardiology and endocrinology getting involved. I've got a massively high BP And heart rate with no clear explanation as yet! Hope you get sorted very soon!