Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Trip to the Walton Centre

Friday 9th April 2010 i was woke by the horrible tone of my alarm at 4 in the morning for my long journey to the Walton Centre Liverpool for my appointment at 9 am. Half 4 a slow walk to the bus station for my bus to Birmingham New street station to board my train at 6. All went well until i got on the train and to be told that there was a delay because of over running engineering works on the tracks between Birmingham and Wolverhampton, 15 minutes all together. A long and boring journey stopping at every station along the way. Finally reached the wonderful station of Liverpool Lime Street. Down the steps into the bowels of Liverpool to get my underground train bound for Fazakerly. Reached my destination at 08:50 and Bang on 9 for my appointment.
Now three weeks prior i had received a letter from the Walton Centre saying i had a appointment to see a Neurologist, not who i had asked my GP to see. I called the Walton Centre two weeks before the appointment and explained that i had asked my GP to refer me to a Neurosurgeon who had been recommended. They told me i had to get my GP to do another referral for the NS in question, this i did. Again i received another appointment with the same time and date and the same neurologist. Back on the phone to the Walton and they did tell me that the referral had been received to the NS i had asked for but there was a thirteen week wait. Thursday 8th April, the day before my first appointment which was incorrect, i called the Walton Centre to ask if that appointment had been canceled to which there reply was no. I asked them if it would be worth my visit as i was getting desperate, they told me it would be worth while as i may get the answers i needed. Upon my arrival to the Centre i was told to sit and wait in the allotted area. I was finally called in at 09:40, forty minuets later than i was expecting.I got to see a Professor of Neurology, not the person i had been told i would be seeing, although i cannot speak highly of this Professor, a true professional and a thoroughly nice chap. he sat me down and told me that it was beyond the help of a neurologist and that i had to see a Neurosurgeon ( what had i said all along ). I could feel my blood starting to boil as this had been a long journey and felt i had waisted my time ). He stopped me in my tracks and said that the NS i had asked to see was in the building doing his tour of the wards and would call him to see if he could fit me in. I was thrilled with this and hoped for the best. Finally 10:30 the NS came to see me. What a lovely man, again cannot speak highly enough about him. He answered all the questions i had for him, he told me that all the damage i had received to my nerves was irreversible. He looked at my old scans pre op and told me that i had a syrinx in my brain stem ( I had not been told this before ) and that i also had a syrinx in the thoratic area of my spine ( i knew about this but thought nothing more of this) He told me that i really should have had a full MRI ( not what i had )and that he would like to investigate it further in case something else had caused the Syrinx there, he did say that he may not find anything. He explained that all the symptoms i was getting was typical of Syringomyelia. I was beginning to think i was imagining it as my first NS told me that this is not the case. I walked away not only a bit saddened regarding the fact i will have to live with these problems for the rest of my life, but also happy ,knowing this now at least i can work around it, Make the most of my good days and listen to my body and rest on my bad days, also regarding work, i can at least now find something working from home or part time, i will have to wait and see. My Family are a bit sad about it but i am not, it is a relief really. I am sure you all understand. The day was perfect for me , i managed to get to see the NS i asked for in less than thirteen weeks and had all the answers i needed. The NS has also wrote a letter to my GP explaining all of what we spoke about that day and has asked him to refer me for another MRI, This time a full one, and in my home town rather than make that journey again. He said that when i have had it, to get the images put on disk and send them up to him so he can take a look, he would then call me with the results and tell me if i needed further surgery, this again will save me a journey. So in all a good day, over the moon so far.
I made the most of the rest of my day by taking a look round Liverpool and visiting the local attractions. Although all of the traveling and walking around with my trusted walking stick has put me in bed for the last two days, riddled with pain.
I am so happy with the Walton Centre and have heard good and bad reports about it, every ones story is different. A+

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