Thursday, 25 March 2010

Interested in joining the AA Sir

Just a funny little story which happened to me the other day with regards to speech problems with ACM. ( or i have suddenly become fluent in another language ).
I was walking through my local shopping centre when a nice young lady stepped in front of me and asked " would you be interested in joining the AA sir " My reply was supposed to be , I am already in it thanks. Instead it came out as Rinitamldyeal. What the hell is all that about. Lol. This can be quite embarrassing at times but i have now become used to it and have to laugh to myself. This poor girl must have thought i was a foreigner.

Craniocervical malformations can cause speech disorders as a result of paralysis, weakness, or incoordination of the speech musculature, with motor and functional disorders that affect phonation, resonance, articulation, and prosody [46].

Speech, swallowing, phonation, and respiration are functions that may be disturbed in people with Chiari syndrome and syringomyelia. They are part of the rehabilitation realm of the speech therapist. In children, in addition to the functional disorders mentioned above, language development and learning may be affected. Speech therapy has two types of intervention: preventive and palliative.

When a deviation from normal function is detected, even if it is mild, the patient and family members must be informed about the difficulties that may occur as the condition progresses. Reinforcement of swallowing, respiration, vocal tension and reading skills is important to preserve such functions. If no rehabilitation is initiated one problem can lead to another. For example, buccofacial motricity disorders can lead not only to swallowing disorders, but also to chewing and phonation abnormalities. Once the lesion is established, speech therapist interventions are palliative, targeting the areas where dysfunction is identified.

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